Bank Account Validation

MyGate's Bank Account Validation Service verifies that a bank account and branch code are valid thus reducing debit costs, as no invalid account returns take place after debit order submission.

When uploading a debit order batch file, bank account validation can be done in real-time, ensuring all of the bank account details are correct before submission.

Why use Bank Account Validation?

  • Reduce Debit Order Costs
  • Increase Collection Times
  • Eliminate Invalid Account Returns

How is this Service Accessed?

This service can be accessed from within the MyGate Web Console.

How is a Bank Account Validation Query Submitted?

It can be processed in the MyGate Web Console, when uploading a debit order batch file or by integrating into a web service.

How are Results Viewed?

Results are delivered in real time identifying which bank account details are invalid.