Business Credit Check



Businesses that supply products or services to other businesses should use the Business Credit Check Report as it will assist with the verification of a business' validity and the overall financial stability of a company which allows risks to be analyzed prior to any business' acceptance.

Business Credit Checks - Transunion

Transunion offers the ability to enquire on a specific business module or if so, to choose to perform a Business Report, which is a combination of specific modules suited to the business.

Business Report

A Business Report is a combination of business modules which give a single viewpoint of the company that the credit check is being performed on. Business Detail, Business Default, Principal Detail, Enquiry History, Trade on File, Deeds on File and Bank on File are all included in the Business Report.

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Business Modules

Any of the below business modules can be chosen to run an enquiry. A combination of the below report can accurately paint a picture of any businesses financial concerns.

Business Detail

These are the details which concern the company and the day to day running of the business, such as start date, industry type, contact numbers and address, VAT number, tax number, name changes and registration details.

Business Default

This details civil court records, default data, notarial bonds, Veri-Cheque details and scoring information.

Principal / Director Details

This details principals of the business and or Directors of the business. i.e Persons dually responsible for the business.

Principal / Director Default

This details any defaults the principal or the director may have. Judgments, defaults and enquiry history.

Bank on File

This detail outlines the bank details; bank code and account conduct of the company and is a report specifically created by the bank.

Deeds on File

For all information concerning properties and bonds obtained during pervious credit enquries.