Consumer Traces



Consumer Trace enables the tracing of individual contact information by using a phone number or ID number. A trace report will give historic and current detail for phone numbers and address's for both residential and work.

Consumer Traces

iTrace has integrated into a highly comprehensive database with well over 30 million consumer information records. You can perform a cell phone trace, phone number trace or trace a person through this service. Address history, phone number history and home affairs details will be displayed when performing a trace on a number or a name. This search tool provides our clients with the necessary tools to drastically reduce the time and cost involved in consumer and commercial entity tracing, contacting and recovering of debt.

There are two main methods by which the consumer trace may be run:

The first method is by the name of the person the client wishes to check. Information that needs to be submitted to MyGate in order to run a successful trace is the following:

  • The name of the person in question
  • The correct surname
  • The ID number or passport number
  • The correct date of birth

The second method of tracing a person with iTrace is through their telephone number. The phone trace method needs either one of these numbers to be submitted to MyGate for a result to be successful:

  • A landline number
  • A mobile phone number

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