Process Verification Checks!

An array of verification services accessible through the Web Console. Some of the verification checks that can be processed are consumer credit checks, business credit checks, ID Verification and consumer traces. 100% of all verification checks responses will be delivered in real time.

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Verification Services - Consumer Trace

Consumer Trace

Consumer Trace enables the tracing of individual contact information by using a phone number or ID number. A trace report will give historic and current detail for phone numbers and address's for both residential and work.

Verification Services - Credit Check Business

Credit Check Business

Businesses that supply products or services to other businesses should use the Business Credit Check Report as it will assist with the verification of a business' validity and the overall financial stability of a company which allows risks to be analyzed prior to any business' acceptance.

Verification Services - Credit Check Consumer

Credit Check Consumer

Consumer Credit Checks can be processed on both Transunion and Experian credit bureau databases. The Consumer Report is for businesses in need of information which can assist them to analyse consumer information in detail prior to any eventual business acceptance.

Verification Services - ID Verification

ID Verification

MyGate's ID Verification service will validate that the ID number and Name supplied match within the Home Affairs database as well as the existence and status of a consumer. (eg. deceased indicators).