NAEDO Collections

MyGate's NAEDO (Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order) solution is used to submit a debit against a bank account for an action date with a specific tracking period. If there are no funds in the account on the action date, tracking will be initiated. If funds become available in the account, a debit will be initiated. Naedo will only debit the account holder if funds are available within the account. As such, there will not be any Rejected Debits, only unsuccessful debits.

Key Features of MyGate’s Naedo Solution

  • Reduce your costs as you only pay for a successful or unsuccessful debit.
  • Increase collection rate and control debit order costs
  • Reduce Internal collection costs overheads
  • Control Risk Management
  • Simplified File Processing
  • Access to Banking updates
  • Automated changing of action dates and tracking dynamically
  • Action Date, debit type, tracking and Dispute data history stored.