MyGate MyGate Secure Merchant

Let your customer know that purchasing on your website is secure by using the MyGate Secure Merchant logo.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance your brand
    Be seen as a provider of secure credit card payment options.
  • Increase conversion ratios
    Reduce cart abandonment through increased trust in your payment process and partner.
  • Grow revenue
    Build customer confidence and first time buyer attractiveness.

Click Verified

When the Secure Merchant Logo is clicked, your customers will see this verification to better communicate your dedication to credit card security and industry compliance requirements.

How to Add

Use the HTML below, replacing YOUR_APPLICATION_ ID with your application ID. If you don’t have or you don’t know your application ID, email us at .

<a target=”_blank” href=” ID”> <img alt=”MyGate-Secure-Merchant-Logo” src=”” height=”40″ width=”120″ /></a>

Select Code

Please Note: Sandbox application ID’s will not work for this service.