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Keep payments flowing in with our range of Value-Added Services for Debit Order Collection Solutions.


Subscribe to MyGate’s Tokenisation System and take the risk out of storing payment details. MyGate’s Tokenisation system replaces cardholder details with a dynamically generated token, which can be re-used for subsequent purchases. This is ideal for merchants who want to submit debits against credit cards.
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Debit Order Companies
Debit Order Collections

Bank Account Validation

MyGate’s Bank Account Validation Service verifies that a bank account and branch code are valid thus reducing debit costs, as no invalid account returns take place after debit order submission.
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Bank Account Verification

MyGate’s Bank Account Verification Service verifies the identity of an account holder against the account number supplied. This aids to ensure account holder information is correct before debit submission.
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Debit order companies in South Africa

Debit Order Companies


Users can view collection reports from within the MyGate Web Console. Reports can be e-mailed or downloaded in CSV from within the report. Advanced Search criteria such as transaction reference, account detail, statuses or transaction amount can be used to locate a debit.

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A debit order is a way for a company, that an individual has given permission, to collect money from their bank account. It is generally used to collect monthly subscriptions services, insurance premiums or loan repayments.

Debit Order Collection Solutions

Debit order collections are a great option for enabling more control over your cash flow. Bank account validation and bank account verification are starting points to getting your debit orders in check. Businesses that use debit order collections find that they not only get new customers but they are also able to take full control of the payments they need to receive.

Debit orders are simple to use and they are a cost effective option for any company looking to make their payment options a whole lot more efficient. As a business owner you cannot afford to not get paid for the goods and services that you are providing. To prevent people from not paying on time, you need to set up a debit order collection services for your company. You need to be able to acquire any funds that are rightfully yours and by setting up a debit order collection systems you can be sure that you get your money on time.

Debit order collection offers both you and your clients a number of benefits. From your company’s point of view there will be no more wasting time and energy making phone calls or waiting and hoping that people are going to pay. Instead, money will be debited from the clients account on an agreed date. Each month money can be debited from the account and the business will receive the money that is due to them. Sign up to our debit order collection service today.

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