Online Credit Card Payments
Turn browsers into buyers with a super secure and easy to use online payment environment on your Website.
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Automated Recurring Card Payments
Offer the option of convenient, regularly scheduled direct debits for subscription services or monthly billing.
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Mail Order or Call Centre Payments
Turn your PC into a PoS. Accept and manually process “Card not Present” payments.
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Our Payment Gateway Solutions Value-Added Services help you increase sales and provide additional security to protect you and your customers.

Accept credit card payments online

Africa Banks

MyGate can process payments in multiple countries across Africa including South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Seychelles and Ghana. Merchants can receive their funds directly in these countries in local currency.
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Payment Vault and Tokenization

MyGate’s payment vault and tokenization solution takes the risk out of storing card details and assists merchants with PCI compliance. MyGate’s tokenization solution replaces card numbers with a dynamically generated token, which can be re-used for subsequent purchases via 1Click and recurring payments.

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Online Credit Card Payments

Accept credit card payments online

In-depth Reporting

Stay in control and up-to-date on all of your transactions and data. MyGate’s Business Reporting is full of rich features enabling you to manage your business more efficiently. Handle everything from transaction processing to in-depth multi-currency reporting with MyGate’s Business Reporting and Web console.

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Increase Your Payment Conversion Rates

Take advantage of the growth in mobile internet and m-commerce with MyGate’s mobile hosted payment page.


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Credit Card Payment Gateways
Accept credit card payments online

Email Payment Receipts

Email payment receipts are one of the easiest ways into an inbox and can give your company’s marketing a serious boost! When your customers are completing their online payment they will be given the option of adding their email address to which a confirmation of payment will be emailed.

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MyGate’s Fraud Module reduces Fraud

Fraud within Card Not Present (CNP) is on the rise. Without having the cardholder present when a purchase is taking place it can be difficult to verify that the purchaser is who they say they are. 3D Secure Programs have helped to reduce the amount of fraudulent transactions. Merchants can further reduce their risk by utilising MyGate’s Fraud Module.
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Online Credit Card Payments
Accept credit card payments online
Credit Card Payment Gateways

We take the hassle out of dealing with the banks to get a merchant account.

What is a merchant account and why do you need one?

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Online Credit Card PaymentsAccept credit card payments online

3D Secure Payments

3D Secure is the most widely used fraud prevention technology in online payments. Also known as MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa, 3D Secure requires that the card holder enter a secure PIN online before the payment is processed to the bank. 3D Secure can reduce chargebacks as the card holder can be authenticated that they are the person holding the card.

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Credit Card Payment Gateways
Online Credit Card Payments
Payment Gateways are software and servers that transmit Transaction information to Acquiring Banks and responses from Issuing Banks (such as whether a transaction is approved or declined). Essentially, Payment Gateways facilitate communication within banks.

Payment Gateway Solutions

It is well known that credit cards represent the most popular means of online payment. Offering or extending the range of credit card payment options is therefore an obvious strategy for online commerce. However, merchants will carefully need to assess the benefits and challenges of extending these payment options before implementing the required solutions. Payment gateway solutions offered by MyGate include a number of options, such as API and redirect solutions that can help to protect your clients when they need to make a payment online.

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When considering the credit card payment options to offer customers, merchants need to know…

  • How to expand the range of user-friendly payment options that are offered
  • How to use these payment options to optimise cart and sales conversion ratios
  • How to manage the related risks of fraud, information security, credit risk and charge-backs
  • How to minimize information security and compliance costs while offering additional payment options

A safe option to use when you are looking to move away from storing the details of cardholders so that they can make recurring payments is to introduce a token system. Tokenisation is paving the way for making safe payments and securing the data of those who are buying online. Tokenisation protects customers from having their credit card details stolen by hackers and thieves.

How does tokenisation work?

Tokenization is simply the process of replacing credit card details with a unique token. Tokenization removes a cardholder’s details from the transaction process. In most cases the credit card data is then stored safely in a credit card ‘vault’. These secure ‘vault’ databases are well maintained according to strict requirements, which are compliant with the PCI DSS. Payment processes that drive credit card options. Cardholders are looking for convenient and simple payment experiences. A smooth check-out experience ensures repeat business to the merchant’s website.

Understanding what a card holder is looking for in the payment process helps merchants identify the correct solution that can meet these expectations. Traditionally, many payment solutions outside of once-off payments required a level of card storage in order to facilitate these types of payments.

These payment processes consist of ‘push and pull’ payment mechanisms and ‘singular and derivative’ interfaces. The payment mechanisms and interfaces can be used in various combinations within a payment process to provide additional user-friendly payment options for merchants. Enabling these options through tokenization has significant benefits for merchants.

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